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Posted by / 07-Oct-2019 07:57

Consolidating work

It’s a change in how I work that is still progressing and, while it’s not without its annoyance, it’s a lot better than having to wade through an inbox with fragmented “Reply All” conversations.

It brings to the forefront what is most relevant to me.

Loryan Strant is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP with over 20 years of experience in network and web technologies.

He currently serves as an Office 365 consultant for various organizations and has a passion for helping people work as efficiently as possible.

Others don’t even know that Office 365 offers more than just email, files, intranet, and communications.

Many have also had their budgets drained by implementation partners performing simple migrations of email or files, or performing massive transformation programs that leave the end users exhausted and lacking in motivation to change the way they work any further.

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Instead of a constant feed coming into my inbox, I’m able to compartmentalise conversations and work across my clients and community involvement.