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Better business bureau dating services

The Justice Department has already begun a criminal investigation into that part of the affair, segment back in 2010 indicated that companies could buy good ratings by paying dues, although the organization revamped its system since then.

Asked whether protecting customer data in a responsible way is part of the official criteria for the BBB’s ratings, Hutt said that falls under “privacy,” which falls under “transparent business practices.” But neither the words “data,” “security,” nor “privacy” appear under that heading.

“But generally yes.” However, Hutt said if the BBB sees a pattern of complaints about a company it will address the issue with the company.Consumers have filed more than 57,000 complaints about Equifax with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau dating back to 2012–an average of about 31 a day.And Standard & Poor’s downgraded its outlook on Equifax from “stable” to “negative” after the data breach was reported.“So at this point they are a victim in the same way the consumers are a victim until the investigation is complete or until there’s a government action.”Actually, many security experts have already weighed in to say that such a massive breach was preventable.Equifax blamed a flaw in the Apache Struts Web Framework–a bug that was revealed in March.

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“This information includes the basic building blocks of identity theft, such as consumers’ names, addresses and Social Security numbers,” he said.