Backdating disability insurance

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Carer’s Allowance on its own is below this threshold.Carers living in Scotland and receiving Carer's Allowance on certain qualifying dates will receive two payments of £226.20 as a 'Carers Allowance Supplement' in addition to Carer's Allowance.Similarly, if you share the caring role with another person, and you both provide at least 35 hours of care every week, only one of you can claim Carer’s Allowance.You need to decide between you who should make the claim.If you are in self-employment your average weekly earnings are normally calculated by looking at a specific trading period, which is normally a year.However if you have only recently started your self-employment, or if there has been a change in your circumstances, then a different period more representative of your average weekly earnings can sometimes be used.

Note: Further information on how the 21 hours is calculated, and on temporary absences, can be seen in our Carer's Allowance factsheet.

Some people may be treated as being in the UK while abroad, eg members of the armed forces.

The past presence test does not apply to people recognised as refugees and their families.

If, because of your work, you have to pay for someone to look after the person you care for, or a child under 16 who you or your partner get Child Benefit for, you can deduct those payments from your earnings up to the value of half your earnings (after the above deductions if they apply).

However, this will not apply if the person you are paying is a close relative of either yourself or the person you are looking after (a close relative is a spouse, partner or civil partner, parent, son, daughter, brother or sister).

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This also applies if you are caring for each other.

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