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Join us now for free, create your profile and you are good to go meeting new people from Ecuador and from all other countries of Latin America.

Not everyone is made to be part of a couple, a marriage or a stable relationship, however, you can not deny the effect and importance of having a person by our side in the good and in the Bad times.

This small coastal town is located in the province of Santa Elena. Nowadays, it’s a popular destination for surfers and for sexy gringo hunters.

Montanita in one word: Paradise It really is a paradise. This small town was once the center of the local hippie movement. Let’s say you’re looking for Ecuadorian women for marriage.

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Not because I’m rebellious and too cool for the traditional tourist places. I stayed away from Quito because I talked to some of my closest friends (all travel junkies) before my trip.

Dating indigenous girls in one of the big cities or beach towns is totally fine. She belongs to the In other words, you can meet stunning women in Ecuador.

And her throat hurts from rejecting one guy after another. You won’t meet as many stunners as in other parts of South America. If you expect to see one model after another while walking down the Calle La Ronda, you will be disappointed. And you have to Believe it or not, but I only searched for girls between the age of 18 and 23. You won’t see any of that on your first date with an Ecuadorian girl. She’s not your typical Latina, more the girl-next-door prototype. There’s just one big problem: The local slang can be a bit tricky.

When I told one of the girls I met online that I’m about to go to the gym, she replied with “por que? Ecuadorian women are pretty traditional when it comes to sex.

But you made one crucial mistake: You booked a hotel and not an apartment.

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It seems to me that one guy had a terrible experience and boom…everyone and their grandmother jumped on the bandwagon. Dating Ecuadorian women can be an incredible experience. They whistle, they smile, they smile more, and they cry when they get rejected over and over again. I mean, she doesn’t give a damn about the fact that you’re white.

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