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But Suzanne told her she had nothing to apologize about. I actually thought she was a better fit in the show after Suzanne left than Priscilla, who never really clicked at all.

Jenilee and Priscilla were on Three's Company together. Barnes loathed the male producers.[quote]Barnes loathed the male producers. But from what I remember hearing at the time, the producers decided against having Cindy become the permanent new roomie due to the fact she was Chrissy's cousin and they wanted to eliminate all connections and references to the character.

But she just looks like an asshole because it's on record. Also, it happened way before he died, at least a year or two.

Her agent who got her fired from 3's Company is the same agent who got Farrah fired from Charlie's Angels.

"Her agent who got her fired from 3's Company is the same agent who got Farrah fired from Charlie's Angels." Jay Bernstein was only Suzanne's agent for a year or so.

He was neither responsible for getting her the job or getting her fired.

Amy took Suzanne to their table, and John and Suzanne hugged and made up. Emmy producers were in negotiations with Joyce De Witt and Suzanne Somers to host an on-air tribute to John Ritter, that according to Entertainment Tonight.

So they reconciled PERSONALLYA few years later, Suzanne was at the beauty parlor in Beverly Hills when she received a phone call. They had this amazing conversation, where John asked Suzanne to guest on his show (8 Simple Rules). It was to be in a dream sequence, and last 30 seconds. Suzanne felt a TV movie or a larger guest spot on his show (like Cybill Shepherd's role) would be much better. This will be the first time both ladies will be in the same room in 20 years.

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Jenilee made guest appearances after Barnes became the third roomie. Terri was a mistake in that there was nothing to her; she was, if anything, too similar to Janet, who served as a contrast to Chrissy. What I think is ridiculous is that these NOBODIES like Suzanne or David Caruso or whoever get THE BREAK OF THEIR LIVES and, instead of enjoying it, they just want to quit and go make more money somewhere else.