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Americasdating com

In Kakawa’s drinking chocolate you will find some of the original Mesoamerican recipes replicated for your enjoyment, as well as chilis with the modern twist of caramel and 80% chocolate. 1559-66Michoacán (Mexico)Feather mosaic on amatl31.7 x 41.5 cm Of the seven known surviving featherwork miters found today in church treasuries and museums, this is the only one in the Americas.Such was their fascination that Fray Bernardino de Sahagún () and other chroniclers have provided invaluable information on the technique: how iridescent feathers from hummingbirds and other native birds were carefully trimmed and applied in layers using an orchid-based glue onto or maguey paper.

Cortés sent several to Charles V and soon European kings and aristocrats came to prize these pieces.

These characteristics were especially notable during the Inca Empire but originated in much earlier times.

However, as in all civilizations until the late 19th century, agriculture was the principal occupation of the great majority of the people.

An almost identical miter (today in Milan) was a gift to Pope Paul IV (I559-66).

The Andean civilizations were a patchwork of different cultures and peoples that mainly developed in the coastal deserts of Peru.

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The Society's miter and infulae (not shown) offer an exceptional example of such an object, showing in particular, how the layering of the feathers permits a striking range of colors and delicate forms.