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Alex rodriguez dating 2016

It’s rather remarkable, and a heartening testament to the fact that not everyone is as hideously fixated on using Instagram solely as a tool for self-flagellation as others are.

They like to pay attention to the elaborately entwined sprawl of the place, making Carrie Mathison red-string connections between celebrities (and, probably, civilians), divining romances, feuds, etc.

If you need any more proof that these two are probably going to get engaged very soon (a lot of people think they already have), an actual ring was spotted in J. Plus, her newest song called “El Anillo” literally translates to “The Ring", so that’s keeping it subtle.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez revealed their engagement on Saturday by sharing a photo of the dazzling ring on social media.

Sensical or not, it is huge news, and one mere blog post about it will not suffice. I often look at Instagram for long enough—lost down some sad rabbit hole of Instagays and theater actors on vacation in Fire Island—that I begin to lose all sense of self or grip on the tangible fabric of spacetime.

No, you have to squeeze out at least a few ancillary stories from the discovery of this new power couple. I, like many others, am an intense user of Instagram.

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“I almost yelled out ‘Alex,’ but I am the shyest person when it comes to things like that,” she told Vanity Fair in October 2017.

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