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These programs are supported by both the private and public sectors, and offer much needed assistance to Native American students who are struggling to pay for college.Before you apply for any grant program dedicated to Native American students, you must first be able to prove, with accepted documentation, that you are at least ¼ American Indian.These programs are predominately found in states that have a large American Indian population.Students are encouraged to contact their state’s Department of Higher Education to learn about any financial aid programs that are dedicated to Native American residents.In addition to Federal programs specifically dedicated solely to Native Americans, students should consider applying for the more common government financial aid programs, including: These programs are open to all applicants, regardless of race or ethnic heritage.The American Indian College Fund is a prime source of financial aid for Native American students looking to fund their college education.You will also want to consult the Dawes Rolls , which are census documents prepared between 18 when American Indians were being relocated to government reservations.These documents contain a listing of the people accepted by the Dawes Commission as members of the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole tribes.

The BIE also provides information on regional scholarships, loan resources, and tuition waivers for Native American students.The following resources will prove invaluable as you trace your American Indian ancestry: Once you have gathered the necessary documentation, and can present a complete genealogy proving a direct line of Native American descent, you will need to apply to the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs for a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood.The CDIB is a requirement for all financial aid programs dedicated to Native Americans, and will serve as proof of your American Indian Heritage.College-bound Native Americans can often find financial aid through their own tribe.Individual tribal nations routinely offer grants, scholarships and loans to students who are struggling to find the necessary resources to go to college.

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Once you have received your Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood, you can begin your search for grants, scholarships and other financial aid programs dedicated to Native American students.

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