Adult chat no signing in req

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Adult chat no signing in req

It allows people to chat and screen share very easily.

It may be new but I feel that in the future it may very well replace programs like Skype. My daughter signed in to this "kid friendly" app while building on mine craft. So the only way that they are seeing this is by bad parenting or the child.Also people can message each other and it doesn't pop on the screen like a text does so it is used to have "hidden" conversations.If your child has this for gaming they can be added to chats.Be vigilant about checking this app if you allow it.When my 2 children begged for Skype and such, I looked into alternative options, due to the pricy nature of it.

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The terms and conditions for the site prohibit glorifying self harm, suicide, eating disorder, pornography & illegal activities, but from what I've read, they do not have the staff to police the channels & rely on users to report it.

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