7 steps to perfect dating online dating under 25s

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7 steps to perfect dating

When you’re first seeing someone it can be tempting to agree on just about everything - after all, having things in common is a quick way to build a bond, right?Yet, when it comes to coffee, most singles prefer that their dates know their own minds.But that’s why at-home dates are so great: Whether it’s your first date or your 50th anniversary, some of the most special moments can happen right in your own home.And not only is the effort that it takes to set one up an incredibly sweet thing to do for her…According to the survey, nearly one-in-three singles (32%) would go for a flat white on a date, meaning that the new(ish) drink on the block is a more popular choice than a cappuccino (the coffee of choice for 17%), a latte (16%), or a black coffee (10%).sight: While 83% want a coffee date above all others, that doesn't mean that they always want coffee!In fact, when you’ve got first date nerves to deal with, the cosy comfort of a cafe can be the perfect tonic.Perhaps that’s why 83% of the people in our Coffee Day survey (78% of men and 86% of women) picked coffee as their ideal first date.

And we also all know: both of these are true, regardless of what point you’re at in a relationship:1) If you’re with someone new, you know that you have to put in some extra effort/time to keep things interesting.2) If you’ve been with someone for a while, you know that the standard dinner date takeout/Netflix can get old quickly.

In other words, for 4/5 people, flirting over flat whites is the perfect way to start something special.

We’ve taken them at their word and determined the five steps that will make your next coffee date the crema the crop.

so don’t do something that you wouldn’t do on a non-at-home date.

Okay guys, with those 7 steps for having a perfect at-home date in mind…

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here’s something important to keep in mind: Don’t get too stressed trying to create the night. and create a relaxed, fun, and welcoming environment. Take the rest as it comes, and let the night unfold naturally.

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